Asked Questions:

Who is the course for?
For anyone who wants to learn Japanese above the age of 13. Our Level 1 Course will take the learner from the beginner level to the advanced beginner stage, whilst our Level 2 Course will take the learner from an advanced beginner stage to the intermediate level.
I am not based in Saudi Arabia, can I purchase a course?
Yes of course!
What does the Placement Test on your website determine?
The Placement Test determines your Japanese language level compared to our courses. Your result will tell you whether Level 1, Level 2, or private classes are better for you.
How do I register for the Live Courses?
Select the level that you would like to take, then register on our website, and the course will be added for you. You will be able to access your classes from the Student Dashboard.
Do you have courses for children below the age of 13?
Our courses are intensive and do not suit younger age groups. We aim to create recorded courses for younger age groups very soon.
Are the courses specific to female learners?
No! Anyone above the age of 13 can join our Japanese language courses.
How much do the courses cost and how long do they run for?
The cost of each course is written below the course and each course lasts for 1 month.
How do I pay for the courses?
Students can pay through PayPal, Apple Pay, or through bank transfer.
What do I do if I cannot attend the course I have purchased?
Please contact Somaya Sensei to find alternative solutions that suit you.
How do I join the live classes?
Click on the Courses button through your Student Dashboard, a link to your live lesson should appear at the time of your class.
Where can I see the course schedule?
Course Schedule Level 1
Course Schedule Level 2
What curriculums does Somaya Sensei use?
The Sun Academy Nihongo Centre curriculums for teaching Japanese as a second language.
Where can I find my certificate?
Click on the Courses and Certificates button available on your Student Dashboard.
Where can I purchase the book from?
You can either buy your book from the Japanese Bookstore:
The books are also available on Amazon for the students based in Saudi :

The books are also available in the UAE at Kinokuniya:
Is the certificate issued by Somaya Sensei recognized?
Our certificates are not recognized yet. If you looking to receive a recognized certificate you can sit for the International Japanese Proficiency Test JLPT
What JLPT level can I enter after completing Somaya Sensei’s courses?
Somaya Sensei’s courses will prepare you for the JLPT N5.
What is the JLPT exam?
It is an exam to measure the Japanese language competency of non-native speakers. JLPT stands for Japanese Language Proficiency Test and it is a recognized certificate that can be used to apply to Japanese schools, universities, as well as companies if you are applying for a job. JLPT N2 and JLPT N1 are considered high scores in Japanese proficiency. For more information, please visit the JLPT website: