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Intensive Japanese Language Courses by Somaya Sensei
These intensive courses are designed for serious Japanese language learners.
Brilliant, fun, and engaging, these Japanese language courses are designed to facilitate the entry of the Arabic speaking learner into the world of Japanese understanding and literature. Once enrolled, each course willhelp the student master the skillset needed to learn Japanese in an easy-to-follow interactive session with an experienced instructor. Somaya Sensei specializesin taking the student from the very basics of Japanese language understanding all the way to achieving excellent results in a short time.

About Somaya Sensei
Japanese Language Instructor Somaya Al-Omrani is a graduate of the School of Languages at Princess Noura University (PNU) with a Bachelors of Arts in Language and Translation. She is the founder of the Department of Japanese Learning at the School of Languages (PNU) and also a recipient of the JLPT Certificate (the official Japanese language competency test). Somaya Sensei began her Japanese teaching journey in 2014 and has taught more than 200 students to date. She has also taken part in Japanese translation and interpretation sittings and has participated in numerous conferences and exhibitions.

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Asked Questions:

Who is the course for?
For anyone who wants to learn Japanese above the age of 13. Our Level 1 Course will take the learner from the beginner level to the advanced beginner stage, whilst our Level 2 Course will take the learner from an advanced beginner stage to the intermediate level.
I am not based in Saudi Arabia, can I purchase a course?
Yes of course!
What does the Placement Test on your website determine?
The Placement Test determines your Japanese language level compared to our courses. Your result will tell you whether Level 1, Level 2, or private classes are better for you.
How do I register for the Live Courses?
Select the level that you would like to take, then register on our website, and the course will be added for you. You will be able to access your classes from the Student Dashboard.
Do you have courses for children below the age of 13?
Our courses are intensive and do not suit younger age groups. We aim to create recorded courses for younger age groups very soon.